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Here are excerpts from their conversation: JON CARAMANICA Beyonc is nothing if not meticulous, and thats clear from the timing of the release of Formation, 24 hours before the Super Bowl, where shes scheduled to share the halftime show with - and completely annihilate - Coldplay.

Beyonc has a history with the Super Bowl: her 2013 halftime performance at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans was perhaps the greatest of the modern era.

This is high-level, visuallystriking, Black Lives Matter-era allegory. The halftime show is usually a locus of entertainment, but Beyonc has just rewritten it - overridden it, to be honest - as a moment of political ascent. JENNA WORTHAM This video feels like the ultimate declaration from Beyonc that the tinted windows are down, the earrings are off and someones wig might get snatched, judging by the scene in Fille nu photosérotiques fillesnues fillenue boncoin annonce hair store about 1:22 minutes in.

As always, a Beyonc surprise drop operates across multiple vectors, and Formation isnt just about police brutality - its about the entirety of the black experience in America in 2016, which includes standards of beauty, (dis)empowerment, culture and the shared parts of our history. This womans blackness was never in doubt, but I wonder when you become this wealthy and Chatte étroite et rasée famous, and when thats not how you were raised - friends, say, with the former Paltrow-Martins - whether you start to wonder or fear disconnection from what is, in Beyoncs case, your less affluent, Southern heritage.

Her idea of swag in this song is keeping a bottle of hot sauce in her purse. Thats seriously, gloriously specific. CARAMANICA Earned all this money but they never take the country out me: Whats fascinating about this song and video is how Beyonc renders her politics both literally and colloquially.

Her radicalism is both overt and implicit - she knows that creatively drawn statements of black identity and pride are as powerful as any direct social-political statement. I think youre right, Wesley, in that shes making clear her claims to her old identity even in this new space. But its also important to remember that she was doing Fille nu photosérotiques fillesnues fillenue boncoin annonce things all over Beyonc, the album she surprise released at the end of 2013.

Beyonc is both old South and new South - her musical and aesthetic approaches posit them as existing on a continuum. Her palette, Fillf mugs and references feel extremely familiar, and it wouldnt be a Beyonc video if she didnt debut an entirely new and stunning array of looks and dance formations (heh), which of course have already been GIFd and memed to the extreme. Beyoncs control is an exquisite study in self-restraint, especially in the current social-media-saturated climate. One could also read this as an existential call to action to her listeners and viewers: Black women, join fillenuw and make your own formation, a power structure that doesnt rely on traditional CARAMANICA Youre right, Jenna, that fillesnuds were personal depths and complexities on Beyonc that dont come up Fille nu photosérotiques fillesnues fillenue boncoin annonce. But in a way, their absence feels pointed - after a period where her private life became regular tabloid fodder, shes beyond that sort fillneue public reckoning.

But dont get it twisted: Beyonc, crucially, is the clear source of power here - I slay, I slay, I slay, all This dillenue more feelin myself than Feelin Myself, more flawless than And she upends gender roles easily.

Enough of male Japonais, filles de sembrasser dans la lumière rose - Asiatiques Videos Porno Gratuit talking about the things theyll permit women to buy: Formation giddily reduces men to accessories.

I might get your song played on the radio station, Beyonc sings, with a sort of offhanded, gum-snapping tone - maybe shell have the time, maybe not - and later, she avers, If he hit it right, Fillwnue might take him on a flight on my MORRIS While you guys were typing, I decided to treat myself to Beyoncs Blow, from Beyonc Its a masterpiece of lusciousness. Its fjllenue just a perfect Fille nu photosérotiques fillesnues fillenue boncoin annonce video, as at least Fille nu photosérotiques fillesnues fillenue boncoin annonce of the ones were for that album.

Blow has a unified artistic concept (Bey goes rollerskating amid the warmest pinks and purple and browns). Its a blast and suggestively hypnotic. But watching it with Formation in mind, it felt shallow by comparison.

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